Got kicked out of the mall for open carry
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Thread: Got kicked out of the mall for open carry

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    Got kicked out of the mall for open carry

    I was shopping at North Lake mall this afternoon openly carrying my .45 in a serpa holster. I've done it before several times. there are no stickers on the doors and their plaque with the rules and guidelines say nothing about weapons, firearms, or anything of the sort.

    a mall security guy stopped me and asked if I was a cop, but before he even stopped me he had called CMPD (who has several officers patrolling the mall) because as he started to ask me about my gun I could see a cop hustling my way.

    they told me it was illegal to open carry in the mall and to conceal it if I had a CCW, which I told them I didn't. I was asked to remove my gun from the premises. I was polite and said I would, but asked how it was illegal, where it said that? they were both adamant that there were signs posted, the officer even said that the plaque states it. I read the plaque and even video recored what it said, nowhere does it even mention firearms or weapons.

    i put the gun in my car and finished my shopping. what should I have done? any thoughts or suggestions? anybody know the letter of the law here?

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    When a LEO tell you to put your pistol away, do it. Put it away and then come back and argue your point unarmed. I believe there are no laws against debating the leaglities of open carry.

  4. Got kicked out of the mall for open carry

    I agree with B2Tall. I don't know the law in NC regarding open carry. There are plenty of sources on the internet and on twitter, providing excellent insight into the issue.

    My personal advice is; if you don't have a CCW then apply for one. I would assume that you have proper training on how to use a firearm. CCW trains you in many ways. From my point of view a concealed carry of a firearm (when legally able to do so) provides you with an advantage when you have to pull the gun. If the bad guy sees that you carry openly, and a .45 is very visible, guess who will be the first target? So, get a CCW, also look into the fact if you really want carry your .45 concelaed, and you will not have this issue again.

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    Leave and not shop at their mall anymore until they quit discriminating against you and other gun owners.

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    Get a CCW.

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    thanks for y'alls input guys. a few things I want to throw out here: I never argued about it with anybody. when they told me to remove my firearm I told them I would no problem but I also asked "why" they couldn't give me a straight answer.

    I was a weapons specialist in the Navy and a RSO pistol instructor, so yes I have a bit of training with my guns. I also have taken the required course needed to obtain my CCW. The biggest reason I havent gotten my CCW is because I dont believe my right to "bear arms" means I have to ask permission first. thats exactly what every person who has a CCW has done. they have asked their government for permission to carry their firearms. I will not ask permission to do what I was born able to do. but thats just me and I'm getting off subject.

    again thanks everyone for your input

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    Quote Originally Posted by m.walters View Post
    Leave and not shop at their mall anymore until they quit discriminating against you and other gun owners.
    thats originally why I chose to shop at this mall. It's the only one in my area that doesn't have any signs saying no firearms. By law that means I can..... so I thought

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    I've heard this happening at Northlake before. I believe there is an older thread on in the NC section going into more detail.

    I would contact the property management to get the official answer. Of course this may result in them posting a clearly marked sign, which is something we don't want to see. But if security is asking you to leave it in the car, then that doesn't matter so much anyway.

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    Is it time for you to arrange OPEN CARRY DAY at the mall???

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    I have yet to see a mall in NC that's legally posted. With that said most had a small pamphlet that says something to the effect of "No weapons of any kind". You can get in contact with the malls manager and get an official policy on carrying in the mall, if there is nothing forbidding it you can carry it around with you next time.
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