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    Quote Originally Posted by BruceGAtl View Post
    Very strange indeed to hear this...

    I've never had a problem with the Corral's here in Georgia...

    as a matter of fact, for the last few months we have been having OC dinners which we combined with the local Tea Party meetings. Our turnout (for both) seems to increase every month. Never a word or look from the Corral folks, and only to usual 1-2 "are you a police officer ?" queries from anyone else...

    Fun the watch folks eyebrows make a bee-line for their scalp when you tell them "why no... I am just an armed citizen".
    I used to live in GA and i had a few friends that carried both openly and Concealed. Needless to say, there were several people that had to remove their eyebrows from their rearends they shot back so far when they saw my friends .45 Long Colt on his hip. I've been paying more attention to peoples actions and clothing when im down there with my Fiance on weekends, i never noticed how many people carry concealed until here recently. ( The only reason i know they're carrying is because of the print and depending on what kind of mood i'm in will usually stop and chat with them, discreetly of course )

  3. If a sign is posted than that should include law enforcement as well. I am just as proficent if not more than most cops walking around with a fire arm.
    I hate those signs.

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