Current CCL wait time in Wake County?
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Thread: Current CCL wait time in Wake County?

  1. Current CCL wait time in Wake County?

    Hi. Does anyone know what the current wait time is for a CC Permit in Wake County? I've seen some info on it saying anywhere from 3 weeks to the full 90 days, but the on line posts are old. Thank you.

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    I am curious about this as well; I dropped off my application on 3/14.

  4. Chapman89, did you get yours yet? I haven't, and I'm just curious. Thank you.

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    No sir, I have not. It's been a month now. When did you drop yours off?

  6. Its been about 2 months. I actually called yesterday to check in case it was ready as I was going to be in the area and hoped to save a trip. I was told (very politely) that it will most likely take the full 3 months, and they are now mailing them directly to your home address, and I should not expect a phone call or e-mail notice. If I do not receive it after the 90 full days in the mail, then call. Again, the person I spoke to was very polite about it and was just letting me know the new way it's done.

  7. Not sure if I would list this under irony or coincidence, but my permit arrived in the US Mail (not e-mail notice) today....It was a pleasant surprise.

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    Congrats on getting your permit! I guess its time to watch the mail.

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    I applied 2/22, and received mine on 4/15, with an expiration of 4/7. Guess that's about 7 weeks, plus mailing time, since like the previous posts it came by USPS...

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    Well today marks the 90th day for me and nothing came in the mail? I guess I'll be making a phone call tomorrow!

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    Just curious about your situation, since the original question was directed to Wake county, not Mecklenberg, which would be an entirely different answer. Each county sheriff sets up their own methods for approval and distribution of the permit, and each has its own turnaround time. (You have Charlotte as your location, so I'm just assuming....)

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