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    Brady Tax

    I live in Charlotte NC and at one of the local gun stores they charge a $12.00 Brady tax for all hand guns sold. I asked what the tax was for and they said it was for storing the gun permit, none of the other gun stores have ever heard of this. Has anyone else ever heard of this?

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    I can't find any such tax on the statutes in NC, I'd call NC Atty Gen Roy Cooper and inquire about it. Sounds like someone has their hand in the consumers back pocket...
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    Sounds like Redd and Beuford needed lunch money for that day

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    I live in the greater Charlotte area too, I'm going to check my handgun receipts to see. I have my CCP so it looks like I'm the one who holds my gun permit. I'm going to also research this,
    1) for my own knowledge,
    2) because if what you state is correct I think it's a crock of crap.
    Hopefully I'll be able to repost my findings.

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    How clever is that? Huh? Brady butt.

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    It is probably a real tax just started to increase the money needed to keep the State government running.

    Here in Washington State they have came up with a usage tax or fee as they call it to get the sales tax from items bought online.

    The following is all from the Washington State Dept of Revenue information:
    In an interstate transfer of firearms the Washington gun dealer is required to collect use tax from the Washington resident on the purchase price of the firearm. Use tax is collected from the Washington customer at the time the customer takes possession of the firearm. Use tax is collected on the total selling price, including freight and/or delivery charges and other amounts added, such a an amount for insurance coverage.
    If the selling price is not evident, it is up to the gun dealer to obtain this price by either requiring the purchaser to show the purchase price or to obtain that information from the out-of-state dealer. If, for whatever reason, the dealer is still unable to obtain the original purchase price, RCW 82.08.010 provides that the fair market value shall be used. It is the responsibility of the Washington gun dealer to determine the price in order to report and pay the use tax due.
    Robin D :
    However, neither sales tax nor use tax applies on the service charge for processing the required Federal and State forms and contacting the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) when the fee is stated separately from the selling price of the firearm and freight and/or delivery charges, insurance, etc.
    Robin D :
    Not really an exception but important to know what is taxable.

    Customer Reply
    What is the Use Tax? Is it the same as the regular sales tax usually charged for retail products?

    Accepted Answer

    Yes, it is what the state resident pays when they buy something out of state and have it sent into the state. The dealer is required to collect Use Tax because the dealer is not really selling the firearm but transferring it to to resident's possession. Can't legally call it a Sales Tax.

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    I Hope this answers your question.
    Well, here's what I have found so far:

    Brady Background Checks (Score: 100%)
    Rebutting the Gun Lobby POSITION: The Brady Campaign supports requiring Brady criminal background checks on all gun sales, including at gun shows, with a requirement that a record of the sale be kept. Requiring background checks on unlicensed sales at gun shows is known as “closing the gun show loophole.” Under current federal law, background checks are only required for sales by federally licensed firearm dealers (FFLs). Advocates for closing the gun show loophole will encounter statements by the gun lobby that don’t tell the whole story. The answers below rebut the most common gun ...
    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence : Brady Background Checks

    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence : Search Results

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    It is said the only sure things in life is death and taxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by santa View Post
    It is said the only sure things in life is death and taxes.
    Actually, the only sure thing is death itself.

  11. Was that at hyatt? that was the only place I was charged for that.

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