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    Quote Originally Posted by mg1cigar View Post
    State Farm is who my Home Owners Ins is through, and still today they will not cover guns.
    I am looking at the Safari Club International link you provided, seems to be OK, have to do a little research on them and look at the application.
    I am a NRA member, embarrassingly enough I totally forgot to look into their coverage.
    Thanks for the info.
    I am insured through State Farm, however, for my firearms, I had to purchase a rider policy that covered them specifically. As far as insurance covering USE of them, SF does not offer anything like that. BTW: I live in New Mexico.
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  3. Talking firearm insurance

    My collection is insured by NRA Insurance. in Texas State farm will attach a rider to policy for firearms very costly. Nra insurance Is based on value of collection any weapons over $2,500.00 must be appraised all others need not
    Nra Insurance is very affordable

  4. Liberty Mutual does mine, although it's on a 'Rider', not the main policy...

  5. Talking insurance

    Liberty Mutual if it is not in the policy then it must be a rider ?

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    Just got off the phone with State Farm.....there is a limit as to how much a Homeowners policy will cover. She's getting back to me, so I'll update more later.
    Thanks for all the help.
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    OK, State Farm called me back. She said I have two options:
    1) my SF Home-owners WILL cover my guns in the case of a fire or theft up to $10K with a $2,500 deductible, so basically I'd have $7,500 worth of coverage.
    2) They can write a separate policy with no deductible, but they first need an estimated value of what I own, then will need manufacture names, handgun or rifle model, serial #'s etc.
    So, I'll start here, then see if I can get a couple other estimates together before deciding which way I want to go.

    Thanks again,
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  8. Talking Nra Insurance

    Nra is the best cost per coverage around under $2500 list value $40,000
    That is coverage no deductable over $2,500 per weapon must be appraised
    0 deduct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mg1cigar View Post
    Who insures your guns? Spoke to my Home Owners Ins. and they don't cover guns.
    Any ideas?
    NRA will

    NRA Life Member

  10. My LM rider is a "Replacement" policy, full value, not pro-rated by age.
    Most policies won't pay but a fraction of actual worth, much less buy you a new one!
    Costs me about $400 a year, tho...

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    Just changed to USAA and will be checking their specifics next week. Thanks for the heads up.

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