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    Quote Originally Posted by -06 View Post
    Just changed to USAA and will be checking their specifics next week. Thanks for the heads up.
    They should. I have my guns covered under my USAA Personal Property Protection insurance.

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    My State Farm policy (renters) automatically covers $2500 in firearms and it cost close to nothing to raise it up to a respectable amount. NRA memberships comes with $5000 in coverage.

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    Although this won't apply to mg1cigar since he's from NC, active duty, vets, military retirees and DoD civilians should consider Armed Forces Insurance headquartered in Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Although I've had my cars insured with USAA since I was a USAFA cadet, I use AFI for homeowners insurance...cheaper plus no additional firearms rider required like with USAA homeowners' policies. And that makes a big difference for policy holders with large accumulations of firearms.

    "No subdollar limitations on the value of stolen silverware or firearms.*** Unlike most other homeowner policies, ours insures these items subject to the deductible clause and to the total dollar amount of personal property shown on your policy"

    ***Except in North Carolina

    OTOH, if you're not a homeowner, their all risk renter's high value rider (includes firearms) costs $9 per year for each $1,000 coverage with no deductible.

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  5. I am a gun owner and insurance agent. Homeowners will have special limit for burglary/theft of firearms (like jewelry) and it usually ranged from 500-2500. You can see if your homeowners carrier will let you schedule your guns. Usually a little expensive and require full list and receipts/appraisals. NRA provides some free coverage with membership and you can buy additional. NRA program is through Lockton Risk. My agency and several others also have gun collection programs which issue stand alone policies for the collection:

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    i just added the NRA ins on my guns.

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