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Thread: carrying expandible baton where pistols arent allowed.

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    A car key with the big plastic at the key ring part. It's just about as great as a push knife...can do serious damage and its with you all the time. One hit is all u need.
    I worked 30 years with the nc state prison dept. and i can say that a lead pencil is deadly also along with a ink pen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCjones View Post

    The catch-all in NC is the statute banning guns is usually worded to include "or other dangerous weapon" in the clause, which might be loosely interpreted to mean an ASP baton.
    Agreed. Why not carry a 3 or 4 D cell Mag lite. Nothing to explain.
    Be safe:

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    Quote Originally Posted by tactical85 View Post
    I am trying to find out the legality of carrying an expandable baton in NC, I carry a pistol daily but of course there are some places that won't allow that like parks and so on but I would like to carry something at least; so my question here is can I carry an ASP baton in places that normally don't allow handguns, I do have a ccw. I am looking for hard facts here, not opinions please. I have looked at the NC carry laws and batons aren't mentioned that I can find.
    I see you are from Ashville, you say you have a ccw. If your permit is from NC, then you DO NOT have a ccw, you have a CHP. Look at your permit, it will say it on your card. Concealed Handgun Permit. It permits you to carry a concealed handgun only. Now with that said, there is no laws against openly carrying weapons (TO MY KNOWLEDGE) there shouldnt be an issue with OCing a baton, but then most places that dont allow firearms dont allow any weapons....

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    Your NC CCW only covers a pistol. You could carry the baton openly, but not concealed.
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    Consult a lawyer and you will probably find batons are illegal. Most cities ban them under prohibited weapons-except by law enforcement and security personel.

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