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I live @ 20 miles from the SC border and often work there. In SC your carry has to be in the glove box(locked if possible) or other non accesible area. NC is just the opposite--it has to be clearly visible. When stopped or going through checks I lay my handguns onto the dash AND inform the officer that I am armed. Keeping your hands on the steering wheel or clearly visible will make sure the situation does not arouse his suspicions of you. I often get asked--why do you have two(or so many firearms). I ask them if they carry a back up and chuckle. Usually gets a similiar response. They want to go home to their families just like we do so we cannot blame them for wanting to be safe.
Was "hassled" once in Charlotte on Independence(74). We had four handguns on the dash and three people in our old Caddy. They asked if they could search the car and found 5-600 various rounds of ammo. To shorten the story, they finally said "adios" after 45 minutes of searching and told us to put our guns into the trunk. I stiffened and told them no that they were with us for a reason(being in Charlotte). They asked to let them leave prior to us reloading. They got excited when they found five loaded AK mags in the trunk and no rifle--I had left it propped against a tree at home when we loaded the trunk--and had forgotten it--oppps.

What reason did they have to search the vehicle???