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    I am a 31 year old father of one/ husband/ part time college student. In addition to my full time job I also deliver pizza part time. Recently I was robed and beaten by some crack heads over a $14.85 large pizza. This experience has got me considering getting a CCL. However my past is checkered at best. As a teenager I was arrested for possession of marijuana two or three times, and also i was hospitalized once for one week for drugs/suicide threats. Also i received a suspended sentience for trespassing. All this happened 13+ years ago while I was a minor , at age 19 I found Jesus and my life changed forever.
    My question is will my past keep me from being able to get a CCL or even a purchase permit? Thank You

  3. In NC its a CHP.. Not CCL... The best way to find out is have The SBI do a background check on you.. Bring it to your local Sheriffs office and ask if anything there would prevent you from getting a CHP. But on the app its asks you if you have ever been treated for a mental illness, you would have to say YES even knowing it was as a minor. Do you know you can open carry? No permit needed. Open carry is another option for you to protect yourself.

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    Do Not Apply for the permit until you have talked to your local mental health department's director about your situation. Your conversation with her/him will be private, but If you apply and do not pass the mental health check You will be Stigmatized as Mentally Ill. That means No Guns Period.
    As for the hospitalization as a teen; If you were Involuntarily Committed you will never legally own a firearm again.

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    Hire a lawyer first, don't ask questions later, let him do it for you.

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    You can answer your own questions simply by utilizing the 'Concealed Carry Permit Info' section located on this website, all of your questions will be answered...
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    remember NC is an OC state. If you cant get your CHP, at least try to just own a gun. If you can, then open carry! much easier and less hassle

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    While it is true that NC is an OC State - you still need to be granted pistol permits to purchase and/or transfer them. On the pistol permit application one of the questions you have to answer is as follows:
    'Have /Have Not been Adjudicated incompetent or committed to a mental institute?'

    I tend to agree with those that suggest you contact a lawyer to find out for you for sure. Regardless of CHP or OC - you still need to find out if your juvenile history is sealed or an issue which will prevent you from getting your CHP (or a pistol permit for that matter).

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    Unfortunately, a crime is a crime and doesn't matter how long ago it was. If someone at age 12 was to murder someone that's there for life particularly when it comes to firearms.

    However, as mentioned previously, it won't hurt to check with an attorney or even simply explain your situation to your local Sherriff and see what they say. They are the decision makers.

  10. 'Have /Have Not been Adjudicated incompetent or committed to a mental institute?'

    ADJUDICATED means a judge decided you were nuts. You would know if that was the case because you would have to appear in court. You would also have a person appointed by the court to oversee your financial affairs and well being.

    COMMITTED means a doctor called the po-po to escort you to the mental hospital. It does not mean a case where you voluntarily admitted yourself for observation. Usually the Doc gives you the option. "If you don't go in for observation on your own, I'm going to do an involuntary"

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    Any word on your issue? can you pack heat or not???

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