Castle Doctrine revisited
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Thread: Castle Doctrine revisited

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    Castle Doctrine revisited

    I had occasion to talk to Dan Engle (State Rep, Alamance Co.) today and he informs me that the NC version of the Castle Doctrine was passed and signed by "Bev" this past week.

    He had a copy of the final bill and though we didn't go through it line by line, we did examine the part where those who are unfortunate enough to be involved in a "righteous shoot" ARE indemnified from frivolous civil as well as Government prosecution.

    In layman's terms this negates the civil procedings and, of particular interest, makes difficult any DA with an anti-gun set of mind to try to make a legit personal defender into the bad guy.

    Ya gotta love it! About bloody time! No thanks to that gunaphobe who "sat on" this Bill as committee Chair for a couple of years prior to the last election. (The twit!)

    Anyway, I think we have finally gotten our word in edgewise in NC. (Every so often the Gods DO cause "just" events to occur.)

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    Castle Doctrine

    I agree, it's about "bloody time"! ;-)

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    Missouri has a good strong castle doctrine with similar laws that has recently stood a stiff test in my hometown of Nixa Mo. Thank God for pulling the "legal" teeth of the BGs. It is a shame that a person who places so little value on life can have the same rights as a law abiding citizen. This kind of castle law is a big step in the right direction and more states are getting on board.
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  5. Amen to all above. The current law in NC was vague and ambiguous, not good adjectives when dealing with the law.

    An omnibus bill was passed and will become effective in NC on Dec 1, 2011. You can read the legislation here and read the action history here

    We didn't get the restaurant carry into this bill, which is too bad, but I suppose we'll take what we can get.

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