Is your Sheriff keeping your certificate?
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Thread: Is your Sheriff keeping your certificate?

  1. Is your Sheriff keeping your certificate?

    When I renewed my CHP recently, my Sheriff's office insisted that they needed my original, notarized training course certificate (instead of a copy) to keep on file. Is that the norm now in NC?
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    They kept my original in Mecklenburg County.

  4. Kept mine too, in Buncombe county.

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    If I remember the law is that the sheriffs dept gets the original certificate period.
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    Granville County, NC Sheriff's Department didn't keep mine last year, they did want to see it though as proof that I had taken the course!
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    Yes, they keep the original. Make a copy if you'd like it for your wall. If an original is turned into them it reduces those that are fake. A lot of states have instructors print the cert right from the internet. How easy is that?

  8. Thanks for the responses. I'm more comfortable about it now.
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