awfully quiet in here?
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Thread: awfully quiet in here?

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    awfully quiet in here?

    Do we have so few folks located in NC?

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    NC Here

    on the coast in Wilmington hoping that Irene doesn't come too close. Have enough ammo to keep the looters at bay though.

  4. They are all out testing out their generators.

  5. I keep up with the latest posts using an RSS aggregator, Google Reader. So, don't really pay to much attention to which section topics are posted to, but...

    Hello from Rally (pronounces Raw-leigh)

  6. Yea...everyone must be busy up there getting ready in case. We in MS have had our days but wish all of you good luck up that way and further up...I would have added "keep your powder dry" but we know we don't to worry about that...

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    Quiet! Indeed it is.

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    I hope everyone is safe on the coast! They sure are getting pounded by the storm.

  9. As of this morning, the effort will be getting power restored. I spoke with my Mom yesterday, and half of New Hanover county was without power. She was going to stay with my brother if power wasn't restored by last night.

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    Hello to you North Carolinians from central America!
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