A northwest Charlotte couple is living in fear after three men broke into their house over the weekend.

The husband and wife live on Rocky Glen Lane, which is in the Northwoods subdivision. They asked not to be identified.

The couple says late Saturday night, their doorbell rang. The wife opened the door to the three men and was greeted with a gun.

"He put a gun to my forehead, and pushed me down onto the stairs," she said.

The husband, who was upstairs at the time, ran to his wife's aid, but quickly realized he was also helpless.

"Seeing my wife on the floor at gunpoint, I just wanted to do what they wanted."

The three men bound the couple with tape, then took money, a computer, a television, and keys. The couple says at that point they were worried they would be killed.

A curious neighbor came out to his front yard, startled the men, and they ran off.

"If my neighbor didn't come out of his door, everything would be gone, and we'd probably be lying in there dead," the husband said.

The couple both suffered cuts and bruises from the attacks. They say they faintly recognized one of the three attackers. They've passed along all of that information to police.

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