LEOSA (HR 218) vs. some NC issue
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Thread: LEOSA (HR 218) vs. some NC issue

  1. Question LEOSA (HR 218) vs. some NC issue

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to NC and I need a little clue in on a NC-specific issue. I understand most of the LEOSA issues related to CCW in the state. However, there is the issue of a "gun purchase" permit or NC CCW required in this state to buy a pistol.

    My understanding is that, to purchas a pistol in NC, a NC buyer needs to either buy a purchase permit through the sheriff or have a NC CCW. In my case, I already have the LEOSA permit that's good in this state, so there is no need to get a NC CCW through the sheriff's office. However, will that present a problem if I try to buy a pistol? In other words, is my LEOSA CCW permit sufficient for puchasing a firearm in NC?

    Just for those who might not know what a LEOSA permit is, it is a CCW for retired law enforcement officers. It allows retired (and current) officers to carry concealed in all 50 states. Having read HR 218, it expempts LEOSA qualified people from many state-specific restirctions on concealed carry, other than those restrictions (State established - not local established) specifically allowed in the statute (i.e., prohibition on other person's personal property, and prohibitions on State or local government property, installation, building, base, or park) if the state chose to have those restrictions.

    HR 218 is clear on the carry restrictions, those carry restrictions that don't apply to LEOSA permit holders and that HR 218 supercedes state laws. However it appears to me that it doesn't speak to the purchase permit requirement in NC.

    That's what has led to my quandry. I'd rather not get a NC CCW, or pay money for a sherrif to allow me to buy a gun, if I don't have to. Again, does my valid LEOSA CCW, from an outside NC agency but good in NC, qualify for the CCW requirement of NC to buy a gun?


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    No, I do not think so. The permision slip to purchace a pistol statute specifically states a NC CCW as being an exemption, it does not allow for any other types of permits for this purpose. Unless you want to get a permision slip from the sherrif everytime you want ot buy a pistol, get a NC CCW.

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    HR218 is a nationwide carry allowance for retired and/or current LEO's. It has no provisions for purchase. It's only legal to take possession of a handgun in your state of residence. You can buy one anywhere, but you cannot take possession of it there. It has to be shipped from an FFL there to an FFL in your home state.
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    I can't help you as far as if your permit is a valid purchase permit, (though I don't think it is) but I picked up a purchase permit before I got my CCW and it didn't take 5 minutes. The sherrifs office in Charlotte was extremely nice and I was in and out in no time

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    I would call either the sheriff's dept. or better yet, the gun store owner. I guarantee he will know who he can sell to and stay out of the crap house. I'm not talking about ****'s or some joe blow with a home FFL, but one of the reputable actual Gunshops in your area.

    Having to get permission to buy a gun sucks. Being able to get the CWP is better than sucking. As a retire LEO, I would think the Sheriff would be happy to talk to you, but what do I know.

    I know that showing your badge during a traffic stop can help ......sometimes:):):)


    PS...They won't even let you write **********-'S sporting goods store. Now that's editing!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keykutter View Post
    I know that showing your badge during a traffic stop can help ......sometimes:):):)
    Oh no, not another CCW Badge thread.

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    I'm talikng about an LEO badge. Give me a break. I know you really have a couple of CCW badges in your closet but you don't want anyone to know :).


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    Quote Originally Posted by Keykutter View Post
    Give me a break.
    OK, ok, I thought this was going to be an atempt at aggravated sheepdoggery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    Oh no, not another CCW Badge thread.
    I tried using my CCW badge at a traffic stop once. I got two tickets: 1 for speeding and 1 for being the biggest loser the cop has ever seen!


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