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    I was moving out of the apartment my wife and I shared with her son and daughter in law on thanksgiving day and thugs smashed in the door and stole my stepsons 42 inch plasma tv and XBox ans we and my computer. It may only br stuff, but they took his home away from him, raped his sense of (false) security and stuff. Now with the new law in effect, there is no need to run from your own home, let the thugs beware, bust in and carry lead with you when you leave. In my new home across town, I will enjoy the fact that I do not have to retreat in my home.

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    I proudly (and utterly uneventfully CCed) at my bank for the first time on 12/01. It always struck me as utterly asinine that a place where people routinely take or take from large amounts of currency would be a no carry zone by law!

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    Am not going to be defensless anywhere--law or no law. Concealed carry is outlawed in banks but open carry is not(in NC).

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    Quote Originally Posted by -06 View Post
    Am not going to be defensless anywhere--law or no law. Concealed carry is outlawed in banks but open carry is not(in NC).
    The new law actually changed that for banks, they now do have to post or you are allowed to carry concealed.

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    F Y I...Grassroots has solicited help in the Winston Salem area wanting cosigners to assist in filing suit against WS City Council. Council has taken the right to CC in most (52 of 68 parks)within their jurisdiction. Not real sure about Grassroots NC. SC Grassroots I understand was a complete mess. Anyone have any background on this organisation?

    As for the castle doctrine effective 12/01, good thing no one came into my rental in November wanting to do harm to me or mine. I WILL defend and protect weather someone has authorized or not. (12 by 6) BUT being new to NC I will have to complete CC course to better educate myself on applicable laws. My SC/Fla CWP cover me whilst CC'ing but I do need to be cognizant of NC's Laws.
    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

  7. Question on the new laws?

    With regards to the new laws that went into effect, there are two that seem to conflict. I'm sure I'm missing somthing, but can someone clear it up for me?

    Here are the two of the new laws as I understand them:
    -  people with concealed carry permits aren’t violating state law by carrying a deadly weapon onto state property if the weapon is a firearm, the person has a concealed carry permit and the firearm is locked in a compartment of a locked vehicle.

    • a person with a concealed carry permit may carry a concealed handgun on the grounds or waters of state parks

    So my question is are you alowed to carry concealed on STATE park land (like a Falls Lake?) or would you need to lock your handgun in the car in a locked case?


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