Duke/Durham Hospital Carry?
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Thread: Duke/Durham Hospital Carry?

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    Duke/Durham Hospital Carry?

    Sorry, I hate to be that guy but could someone let me know the NC laws for hospital carry? Specifically Duke hospital in Durham, NC.

    I usually do my research ahead of time but this trip came up suddenly and I can't find much using my cell phone. I know NC just passed the HB-650 bill effective yesterday and I wasn't sure if anything might be new. Currently my gun is in my car but I don't like leaving it in the parking deck not 100% secure.


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    Some Hospitals, have an No Weapon Policy. Check with Hospitol's Security, and if there is an No-Weapon Policy,you can Secure your Weapon in the Security office's Safe.

    Thats 100% Safer than locking it in your Vehicle. Here in my Area New York State, Our local Hospitol has an No -Weapon Policy, So I always report to Security.

    From there they Lock it in their Safe, and give me the only key to that Lock Box.
    It's better to error on the side of caution Then to get Jammed up by Carrying Concealed while in Hospitol.

    The best Approach would be to call Hospitol Security directly.Good Luck.

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    Great idea! I hadn't thought about that, thanks. I looked for signs all over but I haven't seen anything saying No Weapons. Still, better to be safe than sorry when in a bind and I don't like having a loaded gun in my car with no safe.

  5. Nc pretty much treats hospitals as schools. The way it was described to us anyway. Because of how closely colleges work with them with work study programs, internships, and things like that

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    No problem, Glad I could offer some Advice to you. With you checking all Entrances, and not seeing any No-Weapons signs.

    It probably is perfectly Legal to CCW in Hospitol's

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