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    Smile Im Finally Legal Now!!!

    I got my letter in the mail last friday and I went to the Robeson County Sheriffs Office to get my permit yesterday. I did the class back in January,and filed my application on January 31st,and got my letter of approval april 11th,So that took 71days in Robeson County NC,and one of my friends said thats rare around here because everyone he knows took the full 90days.

    It feels good to finally have it. :-)

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    Congrats! Now what will be the gun of choice?
    It's better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!-Emiliano Zapata

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    Congrats! 71 days, huh? Lucky bastage.

  5. I'm legal too

    Just picked up my N.C. CHL yesterday. It too exactly 6 weeks to the day from submission of application/paperwork and fingerprints and $$money till picking up my CHL. That is 42 days in Davie County. I am pleased. We have a good sherriff.:icon_mrgreen:

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