Dissarmed by officer upon traffic stop ? Wilson NC. WTF ?
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Thread: Dissarmed by officer upon traffic stop ? Wilson NC. WTF ?

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    Dissarmed by officer upon traffic stop ? Wilson NC. WTF ?

    Attacking me / my character / my abilities as a father are not appreciated, seems that many of you here are no better than what you claim me to be.

    For the others, Thanks for the input,,,
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    ....... be glad the crazy just called the popo and didn't have a gun.

    "It's easier to avoid conflict than it is to survive it" - SGB

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    Maybe you should have kept your "finger" to yourself in the first place and none of the rest of the story would have happened.

  5. Well, hrmmmm . . . I run a warehouse in Wilson and I will be on the look out for this kind of stuff. However, like SGB said, thank GAWD she didn't have a weapon on her.

    It sounds like you did everything that you were supposed to do with the cop. Not sure I would have been offended by being disarmed. He doesn't know you and because the crazy lady had already said a lot about her perception (albeit seemingly skewed) of the encounter, you can't fault him for protecting himself.

    I might have been a bit miffed at the warning ticket, but it is just a warning ticket after all, so no court time or fines/fees.

    I really hate your daughter witnessed it all but at 14, she would make a great witness should it ever happen again. ;)

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    I don't know about the proper protocol for the LEO's department so I can't comment on it, but having raised four children I can ask some rhetorical questions:

    That's how you act in front of your 14-year old daughter?

    Are you hoping she is so rebellious that she'll behave the exact opposite of you?

    Does she have a laptop? do you smoke? do you have a video camera?

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    I agree, I use to want to always get the last word like you did. Know a days crazy people have guns too, the difference between them and a responsible permit holder is they dont have the smarts NOT to go to their gun. Mine is for absolute last possibility.

  8. The other driver may have "started it", but you most certainly ESCALATED it (and "diffused" nothing).

    Frankly I find it hard to believe that you've implicated your own self here (several times).

    "I blow my horn to get her attention" <<<<------THAT, is where this ALL "MUST" end.

    I would be far more concerned with YOU, and an innocent 14 year-old being subjected to your adrenaline/self-control "issue", than I would be with either this other driver, or the "cop".
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    That's a bummer! I hate people with cell phones pasted on their ear while driving....
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    I agree. While she was in the wrong as far as driving laws go, you escalated the situation by how inappropriate your actions were. While I admit that it would be frustrating to do, it would have been in your best interest to simply let it go. Two wrongs don't make a right.

    As far as the way you acted in front of your daughter, I will give you a break. Sometimes its hard to suppress our actions and tongues in front of our children, however you should strive to be a good role model. Instead of sharing knowledge of road laws regarding free rights on red I would have discussed diffusing road anger when people do stupid things, like cut you off. However justified, anger on the road is no way to go.

    As for the officer disarming you, yes it was probably a little bit excessive; however I would rather that our officer's be on the more cautious side then to underestimate there adversaries.

    Glad it turned out well for you in the end.

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    You are wrong. Folks piss me off everyday you blew this one. There are lot of stupid folks making mistakes everyday. If you can't control yourself one day you will lose.

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