Couple quick questions for NC CHP holders
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Thread: Couple quick questions for NC CHP holders

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    Couple quick questions for NC CHP holders

    I'm a VA resident with a CHP and just wanted to check on a couple things that seem to be different from what we've got here in VA as I'm going to be heading to the Outer Banks in a few weeks.

    First, from what I understand in NC, we CANNOT carry into any establishment that sells alcohol AND serves? Meaning that I could carry into a grocery store, but not a restaurant (even if I am not drinking). Is that correct? This seems to be one of the areas NC is different from VA.

    If I am in an area with a police officer, do I need to go up to them and inform them I have a firearm or is it only if they approach me? Here we are not required to inform LEOs if we're carrying and I want to make sure I do it right (if needed) in NC.

    Also, do "No Guns" signs have the force of law? In VA they don't and the most you can get hit with is a trespassing charge for failing to leave if asked.

    Lastly, has anyone encountered any issues with carrying on the Outer Banks? Any areas to avoid, things to take note of?

    Thanks for the help. =)
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  3. You are 100% correct on the establishments serving alcohol.

    You have the duty to inform only if you engage or are engaged by a police officer. A quick hello as you pass by is fine, anything more and you must inform the officer and allow him to secure your weapon if he feels it is necessary.

    Gun buster signs DO have the weight of law in NC.

    one area you may have missed is "any assembly where a fee is charged" basically if you have to pay a admission fee then no guns allowed. This includes movie theaters, mini golf, etc.

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    No carrying in any restaurant that sells and consumes alcohol on site. Gas stations and grocery stores you are good to go. You dont have have to tell officer if you just walking past. Only if he approaches you on duty. Like beening pulled over put hands on wheel, eyes forward, roll window down have halfway, first thing out of your mouth should be. I am a permit holder and i am armed. Then from there depends on cops attitude. Some of tje older state troopers think they have right to s ask for pistol and set it on the hood but they do not. Unless you are beening detained they dont have right to disarm you. Store have to have it clearly marked for you to see at every entrance of no carrying allowed. The cops down in outer banks are some good guys. Junebug and i Went to high school with several of them. But they still have bad days too. And working obx during tourist season is real busy, so just read their reactions and you should be cool.
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    Thanks for the feedback all. One last question, are there any laws regarding storing your firearm in your car when at a place that is prohibited? I'm planning on taking my little safe that I have in my car that wraps around the seat legs and slides under the seat for storage. Will that be alright?
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  6. You will be fine with the safe. I use the same thing myself but I keep it in the trunk just to keep it out of sight.

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    Flanmedic51 Guest Click on NC. It answers all your questions.

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