Hello I am from MS. I just recently experienced my Open carry cherry in your fine state. I travelled there to welcome home my nephew from 2nd tour Afghanistan. I was also stationd in Lejune 18yrs ago. A true blast from the past to say the least. The main point to the story other than his safe arrival, is I open carried My 1911 all over Jacksonville. Not any one hardley looked. I would have to say that was a very good feeling and even a little nervous at the first outing a supper at I-Hop. I only hope to be able to do this more often, I always carry a keltec 32. yet there is just a whole different level of comfort when out to be seen and a 45. to be felt LOL Any way thats all I wanted to say and by the way I utilized this forum before leaving. So a big thanks to the creator/s What a great site !