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    public ranges?

    I am going to be travelling to Charlotte pretty frequently over the upcoming months on business. Are there any ranges in that area open to the public that also have gun rentals?

    Even though my CCW (NY, NH) is honored in NC, I cannot bring my carry gun with me as my travel is managed by my employer. I would however like to stay sharp while I am on the road.

    Thank you.

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    Shooter's Express, off of I-85 in Belmont, exit 27 just south of Charlotte.

    They have gun rentals and are open to the public.

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    Thank you, Kivuli.

    I was just down there last week and found out about Firepower, in Matthews. I didn't have the time to make it over there, but apparently that is also a public range with rentals.

    I'm headed back down that way soon, will have to check them both out. In central ny, I don't know of a single range with rentals. I'm looking to try out some different things.

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