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    I have recently changed residence from SC to NC. I held CCP in SC. I need to know process for obtaining permit in NC.

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    You take a state approved class then take your original certificate of completion to the Sheriff's office in the county where you reside. Fill out the paperwork, let them take your finger prints, pay your fee and wait. Contact the Sheriff's office to see what their have for their procedure. They're all different.
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  4. Agreed, you basically don't have any benefit of carrying the SC card since your residence and desire to purchase is likely going to stay on this side of the border.

    May as well be like you never had one at all....but at least you are familiar with the processing of cards and can anticipate what needs to be done.

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    You'll actually get a small boost from having a NC permit. It's honored in a few more states than SC (38 states in all), and as of 1 October, you'll be able to carry into restaurants serving alcohol, as well as onto school grounds, so long as it remains in your car, which must be locked then if you leave it. There are some other things coming, but that's all stuff available on the Conceal Carry thread about the new NC laws just signed into law this month. Enjoy NC conceal carry, and welcome to our state!

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    The Sheriff's Dept should have a link on the county's web page, where you live, and a link of CHP applications requirements (some add requirements beyond state law).
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