Walmart Shooter 'Targeted' White Victim's
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Thread: Walmart Shooter 'Targeted' White Victim's

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    Unhappy Walmart Shooter 'Targeted' White Victim's

    A North Carolina grand jury found that a young african-american man (who shot four white people at a Walmart in June) purposely targeted his victims because of their skin color.
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    I saw this the other day. It barely even made the news here when it happened and I haven't seen any reference to it since the verdict. But, I'm glad somebody felt it was newsworthy.
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    Hate crime!
    Where's Al and Jesse?
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    you'll never see al or Jessie, victims were the wrong color.

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    This is why I choose to carry a firearm. Good story, thanks for posting it.

  7. Where the hell is Obama and his administration? Oh, right. Wrong skin color.
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    That could have been O's son - if he had one.
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    This is why I carry everywhere.

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    Story doesn't fit the progressive narrative, so no national news. If it doesn't fit the narrative, it must not be important.

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    i stay near smithfield nc and this is first ive heard about this. thanks for link and i shared on fb :)

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