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    Pizza Hut. Can't really afford anyplace fancier right now.

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    ummm.... I think it was applebees

  4. I ate at Olive Garden the 1st day after I got my permit. I didn't see a sign, but my state doesn't have force of law in regards to ignoring signs, so I rarely look for the signs. The law does require me to either leave or put my gun in the car if the restaurant asks me, which I will comply with, but my firearm is concealed quite well.

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    I just wanted to congratulate the folks of NC for getting restaurant carry passed. I live in Virginia but my family and I are frequent visitors to Greensboro and Winston-Salem. We ate at Bonefish in Winston-Salem last weekend. I'm also pleased that the prohibition on carrying into establishments which charge admission (movie theaters) has been lifted. We hit the IMAX in WS on occasion and I feel much better now that I can legally carry into the theater.

    Now, if NC would just remove the "force of law" from no guns signage, we'd be all set. My wife loves Hanes Mall in WS and they have most entrances posted. Because, you know, criminals will see the signs and immediately comply.

  6. I believe my first place was Qdoba. Always seemed silly that I could carry at the Panera next door, but not Qdoba.

    And by the way, the USA Carry page for NC hasn't updated their page for places off-limits for carrying.

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