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Thread: Obama admits he is a muslim

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    Quote Originally Posted by gdcleanfun View Post
    The quest for the truth is always accompanied by skepticism of anyone claiming to have found it. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the WWW
    Yeah know, that REALLY bothers me, gdcleanfun.

    EVERYBODY knows Al Gore invented the WWW.

    You don't believe me?


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    obama a muslim

    Quote Originally Posted by MADnMO View Post
    Because this nation was founded on Judeao Christian values which are being outlawed on a daily basis and we need someone who is going to fight for those values instead of promote a different set of values.

    With that being said I don't care what religion anyone is but when the people who write the laws of our land consistently discriminate against those values it concerns and angers me. IMAO.
    verry well stated sir, i agree!

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