How do we stop spammers?
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Thread: How do we stop spammers?

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    How do we stop spammers?

    I have a question?

    I am a member of the Ohio Freedom Alliance and spammers seem to have taken over.

    How can they be stopped?

    We don't seem to have that problem here on our USA Carry Group.

    These are two posts I just read from the Ohio Freedom Alliance Political and Executive Directors.

    "Originally Posted by OFA Political Director
    Unfortunately, due to the forum being hijacked by spammers, the forum now requires moderation for new registrations."

    "Thanks just deleted 6 more spam messages. this is crazy. Maybe we need to shut it down?
    OFA Executive Director"
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    Depends on the spam block filter they are using on their forums. I've tried probably 10 different ones since the site has been running. It is a constant battle.

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