Who rides a scoot?
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Thread: Who rides a scoot?

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    Who rides a scoot?

    Seems a number of us ride. Thought it might be interesting to find out who the Knights of the Road are and what they dodge deer with.

    I'll start: 05 HD Electraglide Standard; Gotta have all that fairing and stuff, cause it's cold-riding out here. Wear heated vests, gloves, etc. and sometimes ride whilst it's snowing (last May!).

  3. I ride a HD Sporty right now. But I do not ride in the winter any more, Just getting to old for that LOL
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    Here's my rides. 02 Yamaha R1:

    And my fiddy. lol

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    I ride a 97 Road King. The windshield, a fuzzy hat, and a scarf over the face does the trick well enough when it's cold. I've hit a couple of slick spots in the winter so now I don't ride if the forecast drops under 33 degrees.

    Deer are spooky but it's the Elk and Moose that really pucker me up.

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    2002 XL 1200C. My wife's is a 2001 XLH 883. Every time we ride she tells me I need a bigger bike. I don't argue with her even though I know it's because she really wants the 1200!

    2002 HD XL 1200C picture by mllspok - Photobucket
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    Yamaha Venture. I'll ride every month of the year, just not much in the winter. My bones are getting too brittle for that kind of abuse.

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    `06 Suzuki Boulevard (made the change, after 25 years of HD, about 4 years ago).
    Wife rides a `05 Yamaha V-Star.

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    All I got was a dinnette Set.....
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    04 Heritage when weather is bad and 103 Screaming Eagle, 12" over springer, fat tired chopper the rest of the time. Ride most every week rain or shine. Draw the line in snow or ice. Heated gear the best investment I ever made.

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    '05 Heritage FLSTC-I, currently with 19,000 all-local miles on it. Commute whenever I can on the bike, trying to avoid the rain if I can - hunker down and bear it when I can't. Lovely Bride rides the same bike, but in a different color.

    Got my jones goin' for a new Road Glide if I could get a good price for the Heritage.

    Here's some pictures...

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