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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock Fan View Post
    "GD" is somtimes used in place of a very unholy two word expression. What's the point in this thread other than Ken Chevy lashing out on the world?

    Strange, I sure never thought of it as Ken Chevy lashing out at the world. All I want to know is why.

    Lots and lots of people, in THIS column, appear to find something that I have said to be against how they think the world should run? I don't know WHY that is, but when I ask why about something, then I am lashing out at the world?

    Guess I can't understand that one, sorry.

    I've already offended several people in this thread because I wasn't PC enough. It wasn't meant to offend anyone, so why were they? If you were one of the several whining about it, then I apologize to you. It was NOT aimed at anyone personally. Again I apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oregon Vet View Post
    Yeah, you Google my name and the 1st page is pretty well all about me and my websites and forums I am a member of.

    In this case, it IS all about GUNS. You use your REAL NAME on a photography board/forum and no one thinks anything of it.

    BUT, on gun or abortion boards/forums you will NOT find many REAL NAMES.

    WHY can you use your real name on a photography or quilting or painting or on and on and on, board/forum but NOT on a gun or abortion board/fourm?

    REAL NAME on facebook, linkedin and such sites as that. NOT on a gun site. WHY? Gun sites attract crazies? Is that it?

    I DO know people on this site who are using a fake name but on other sites use their real name. WHY?

    It HAS to be the type of people involved. That is the only thing different.
    Isn't it?

    Yes, I agree, it is up to the person whether they are afraid to use their real name or not. It may be they are afraid of getting lots of spam e-mail, it may be for other reasons. Their choice.

    I was just curious of some of the reasons. It is not named at anyone in particular.
    Everyone has a reason. Well all have reasons for things we do and don't do. Why we wear certain clothes, believe in Santa Claus, drive trucks vs. cars... The list goes on for miles...

    In the past, prior to the internet (thanks Al Gore)... People met like minded people who shared common interests face to face at club meetings. Members who had friends who expressed an interest in whatever the club was founded for or created to foster, brought them to the meetings to meet others. We got to meet them and share the interests and experiences we had or they had.

    I like the face to face thing (although I use this forum to ask questions and read information). Trust is another issue. Regardless of the website or the content / subject matter of the site I don't use real name. Identity theft is a real threat in this day and age…

    I carry a gun for the trust reason… I just don’t… Not all people mean well..
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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    Locations of his guns, they were looking at what to get that kind of info?
    He found his ISP address and got it that way. Have no idea how he got the other info though, but he was a computer programmer or something. I was about to call BS, but the original OP confirmed that the poster had gotten the info.

    That would be pretty exacting info, for example; in the back west bedroom on the east wall is a 32x42x72 Fort Knox safe, red in color with an electronic lock, combination of: 379516*, bolted to the wall with 5/8" bolts and through the floor with 3/4" bolts and wired to the alarm and contains a 1957 Daisy BB gun with two tubes of BBs and nothing else or something like that.
    Maybe the OP gave this info out in previos posts. Just use the search function.

    Be careful what you post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oregon Vet View Post
    Does the gd stand for grimy dirty? LOL I'll bet you thought it meant goodcleanfun! LOL But I'll bet that is wrong. What does it stand for Debi?

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    With all due respect, I guess in the other sense ..... you stated you aren't afraid to use your real name. I could say i am Joe Brown ..... does that really indicate who i am? But as lukem said .... it's your choice, and mine, do as you please.

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    I'm posting after only reading the first page. If I had to use my real name and all I would. My real name is in my site registration info. The reason people use "screan names" "aka's" and such, is to give a little more character to them on a particular board. They give a little idea to the person posting. And another reason to keep their real name of the board, is internet fraud. The Fed Govt can look and find all they want. I'm not afraid to say what I want and use my real name. I don't care. I'll even tell you that I signed my real name to a petitoin to legalize marijuana. And I know the Feds know I signed it, cause it was going to them.

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