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Thread: Dogs!!!

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    Angry Dogs!!!

    I put this here to vent and keep the tender ears of some from being bruised but this is NO 3!!! GD-DA People that think it is a grand idea to let their dogs run loose country, has again cost my daughter another of her prized farm animals.

    As of today in 3 seperate incidents over the last 2 years she has lost 1 sheep, 4 goats, (counting the latest) 4 ducks, 6 chickens, 1 cat and a very expensive Llama to dog attacks.

    In each incident a pit bull was involved!!! last time she was there and she put a .357 end to it, but this time country animal control showed up first and has the 2 dogs and are attempting to find the owners!!! Yeah so far the total is over 20K....

    There ought to be a season on them!!!
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    I agree with you that dogs shouldn't be allowed to run free. I also understand your frustration/anger over the loss. So there were 3 different times that a pit bull attacked your daughter's animals? I don't think I would blame the entire breed on that. Dogs are products of their environments. Most dogs can be trained to be violent, aggresive, and dangerous. So can people. Should there be open season on people, too? My answer is yes, to an extent. BUT, how do we know which ones to go after? Just because you've had bad luck with pits, does that really mean all of them are bad?

    I know you're not interested in anything but your daughter and her well-being and loss of expensive animals, but if you look, you will find an abundance of information on how pit bulls are mis-represented, very loyal, incredibly smart, and great pets. I've had at least one all my life, and have never had any trouble with them at all.

    Again, sorry for her/your loss.
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    It's always open season here if the dogs are running loose and they venture onto someone's private property.

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    We live out in a rural area,aka the sticks. People in town oft times come out and dump their unwanted pets. That leaves us to do their dirty work. I've shot my share of strays,the last ones I had to kill had a black angus calf cornered up in the pasture and stretched her out. 0 buckshot does a good job. This has been an ongoing problem since I was a boy back in the 70's. I dont care what kind of dog you have,if it goes stray and starts living by its own wits it will be a problem. From a weiner dog to a pit bull. I understand your plight. People that have not dealt with this personally just do not understand.
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  6. Ya we have a problem with that out here where I live too. Not just dogs but cats as well. folks get them and then find out just how much work it is to have a pet and just drop it off out here. I was over run with cats at one point (key work here is was)
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    One of my friends had problems with stray dogs at his ranch in TX. He invited me out to help him with "animal control". Once all of his dogs were secured, we commenced our conservation activities. Sadly, we eradicated almost two dozen dogs that weekend. As much as we disliked having to do it, we needed to control the feral dog population for the safety of his working dogs and the other animals on his ranch.

    I'd be more than happy to assist with "animal control" at your daughters place if she needs my assistance.

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    About three weeks ago my cousin had some dogs (she thinks she knows who owned them) attack her car under her carport and bite a hole in one of the tires. I know you are saying so what on that but they also attacked the front end of her car and actually bit holes in the hood of the car. It was a new Honda Accord but they actually got hold to the front of the hood and bit all the way through it.

    The next day those same dogs or at least we figure it was the same dogs were chasing some of the children across the road and came through the storm door after the children. So far no one has claimed to have lost any dogs nor claimed the bodies of the dogs.

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    Untrained running-free dogs are a reflection of the former owner's/s....
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    When I lived way out in the sticks, I just took care of the situation and left them on the side of the road. After a couple of months and probably 10 dead dogs (mostly pits, they are very territorial when they don't have human contact) I hadn't seen any more of them. A real accurate .22 magnum or .17 HMR is all that is needed, I was able to get every one of them in the head and they went down immediately (except for two of them, one surprised me from around the corner of my house and got the full payload of my Kahr P40, and another that chased my brother got some 00 Buck)
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    Dogs are one of the main reasons I carry. I was attacked twice before I started to carry 24/7, both were pit bulls or pit mix. The owners were nearby both times. If your dog runs toward me its down!

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