In regards to that "new binary explosive" video, it is completely fake. What they put on that fuse was some red died glue and a bit of inert while powder. The watermelon was on the pole so the real explosive used could be concealed up inside it. Judging by the amount of smoke generated it was a low explosive, most likely common 70/30 KClO4/Aluminium flash powder in a solid casing.

That amount of any primary explosive (set off by heat alone, instead of a shock wave) could do very little damage to the watermelon, even if directly in the centre of it. Also for a primary to "detonate" that fast it has to be a chemical composition, not just a physical mix, as the power of detonation comes from the very chemical make-up of the explosive tearing itself apart and producing gasses.

At best, even if the stuff in the video is classed as an explosive, it is a low explosive, and possible capable of making a loud noise when ignited, but nothing like the video tries to make out. It is just blatant fear-mongering, much the same as anti gun nuts claim all guns kill people, and only police should have guns.

On the topic of the Slovakians being muppets, they should have financially compensated the guy, and given him a key to the country. The pilot made the right choice in allowing the plastique to fly though, as it is relatively inert without a strong shockwave (I am assuming it is a RDX/PiB/Oil type of plastique). Even if there was a fire on board the plane it wouldn't explode, the stuff wont even go off if you shoot it. It would just burn like an oily rag.

Seriously friends, don't worry, there is no such thing as that explosive in the video, its all fiction and camera angle, and some silly bugger dressed in camo to make it look like an official army video.