Some great for Sunday Brunch
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Thread: Some great for Sunday Brunch

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    Some great for Sunday Brunch

    Every so often the Kids, Sons-in-law and Grandkids show up for pancakes, bacon and eggs. I like to add spiced apples and cinnamon to pancakes and thenuse my egg mold..

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    You're twisted, RB, and I like it!!

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    I hope the Brady bunch does not see this. They will want to confiscate you frying pans.
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    If the UN knocks on your door, give them those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ga9mm View Post
    If the UN knocks on your door, give them those.
    Better yet, whack 'em in the face with one of these beauties and send 'em on their way: it'll make a great imprint!

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    You could mold sausage franks to look like spent ammo cases. You must have a well rounded meal.
    I want some

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    Ha!! I just remembered seeing these wire racks to cook hot dogs or sausages on a grill. They were shaped like people, and the food stuck out the front, as an appendage... I never saw where they could be purchased, just some pictures of them.

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