Do YOU have a FAULT??
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Thread: Do YOU have a FAULT??

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    Do YOU have a FAULT??

    After recent weeks it is real time to look over the geology survey for your area and the adjacent few hundred miles and determine if you are anywhere near a fault line. Certainly earthquake activity is up and appears to be a series of corrections in pressure as the plates readjust which means any fault could give a bit at any time, and even a small fault could produce a major quake.

    Here in South Florida we are really isolated from any direct fault lines and the odds of a major quake are minimal, however the chances of impact from tsunami from other area quakes.

    When I lived in Pennsylvania I thought I was pretty isolated from any chance of quakes but found later that there are some pretty major faults under that state.

    What happened in Haiti could happen here so that is just one more reason for all the discussions on bug-out bags or survival kits. I know we build them every year anyway because of hurricanes, then went to year round readiness because of potential civil unrest, now mother nature is rearing her head to remind us that no matter who is in the white house ... she still rules our roost ... PERIOD!

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    Fault or No Fault, what's going on in Haiti should serve as an abject lesson to us all: When civil order breaks down and the SHTF - for ANY reason - you can count on 'reason' going out the window. Be prepared for it.
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    Living in the St Louis area I am very close to the New Madrid fault. I have lived here for over 20 years and have felt 3 different earthquakes.

    Bottom line is that I am prepared. If a big one were to hit our area there would be massive damage.

    Please be prepared no matter where you live.
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