fatal I-94 road rage incident?
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Thread: fatal I-94 road rage incident?

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    fatal I-94 road rage incident?

    Did you witness fatal I-94 road rage incident?
    A 34-year-old Shelby Township man was shot and killed Saturday night in what police describe as a road rage incident that turned dead.
    The shooting occurred at 10:12 p.m. on eastbound Hall Road, west of Groesbeck, according to a news release today. The victim was transported to Mt. Clemens Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.
    Did you witness fatal I-94 road rage incident? | freep.com | Detroit Free Press


    Release of suspect in alleged road-rage slaying angers victim's family.
    Clinton Township -- Relatives of a 34-year-old Shelby Township father of three who was shot and killed Saturday in an alleged road rage incident expressed dismay today after learning the suspected shooter was released pending further investigation.
    Release of suspect in alleged road-rage slaying angers victim's family | detnews.com | The Detroit News


    Depending on which TV Report or which Newspaper report, the stories changes. The "Suspected Shooter" had a CPL and was being attached. The "suspected Shooter" was being attached by 2 or 3 people...
    A witness told police the shooter was attacked by Djeljevic, his brother and a cousin. Police said as the man was lying on top of his eight-year-old son to protect him from the Djeljevics he grabbed a handgun from his glove box and fired twice.

    I have no doubt that this story will go away it the reports of a CPL Holder protecting himself. Stay Tuned......
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    Police said as the man was lying on top of his eight-year-old son to protect him from the Djeljevics he grabbed a handgun from his glove box and fired twice.
    Well, that certainly puts a different spin on it. If those are the facts, this guy should be absolved of any wrongdoing entirely.
    Just how much ******** is a person required to endure before moving decisively to protect himself or his Loved one?
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    3 against 1, according to this witness. You can bet your sweet a that if 3 guys are trying to seriously beat me down, they get to meet the XD.

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    Today's "Reports" were short and (Shall I say) backtracking a little.
    At issue is whether Djeljevic did anything to prompt the shooting,..

    Road-rage suspect freed in wake of fatal shooting | freep.com | Detroit Free Press

    Judging from other the reports and from other reader comments, I have to ask, Who was the victim? Who was the BG?
    Djeljevic was arrested in November, 2001 and was charged in Warren with a cousin for assault with the intent to murder. Djeljevic was released by police when 37th District Judge Walter Jakubowski determined there wasn't enough evidence to have Djeljevic stand trial for assault.
    Alleged shooter in road rage incident released - The Macomb Daily News: Breaking news coverage for Macomb County, Michigan

    In all three of the papers, the reader comments are in favor of the "Defensive Shooter". Not the kind of story that the lib media in this city likes to do.
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    This my friends is EXACTLY why we carry a gun, if this is what really happened the dude that was about to get beat up probably at the least would have ben in a hospital had he not ben armed

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    hats off to the man protecting his son.
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  8. We have had two of these 'Self Defense' shoots, in this last year. One was dropped before trial (after $20,000 in legal fees). The other is still pending. The 'incriminating evidence' against the second, was his 'MY SPACE'. It was filled with ranting about his Glock. Not good to Rant threats about your weapon to anyone at any time...especially if, in the future, you actually fire it in defense. You Will be adjudged Guilty in the 'Drive By ' Media, Before you ever go to trial.

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    I like to Dial 911, it's far more fun and satisfying to see a real jerk pulled over by the police.....
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century
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    I have to agree with the shooting if it's my kids life or theirs all i can say call you life insurance company because your wife is going to be getting a large amount on money pretty soon. Three against one and ya the guys family's upset so ask them how many beers he had before they met that person who was defending themself against three 200lb guys. Ask if there was any drugs in the dead guy blood. Ask if he had a record of doing something like this before, just because his family is upset does not make him a good person. I have been in something like that and the only reason i didn't shoot them was because i chose to walk away before them did put their hands on me. We have the right to protect our selfs against people who want to do us harm but the law says you should walk away or call them it's funny because most of the time law enforcement shows up after someone is dead or on the way to the hospital. I say thank you sir for standing for your right to bear arms and if there was more people like you we would be a hell of a lot safer in this country.

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    I am willing to die for my kids but I'd much rather live to protect them. I support anybody that has to take action to ensure the safety of their children-----it's a no-brainer.

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