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Thread: Web People amaze me.. WTF???

  1. Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    I guess if you were trying to pull off an insurance scam it would make sense.

    There are so many useless things brought to us by advancements in technology...

    Twitter is like telling your boss that you have to use the bathroom every time you need to go. Who cares where you are and what color the sky is in your world. Keep that little nugget under wraps... Some Sh!t the rest of us don't need to know.

    Now that my rant is over.. Peace...
    Lot's of people feel this way about Twitter and in a very small way you are correct. But, if you use Twitter properly it is very useful. I follow many different types of people on Twitter and have them all separated into categories. So, in example, THIS LIST Twitter only shows "tweets" from people talking about the firearm industry and 2nd amendment topics. I even see instantly when something new is posted to this site. Twitter can be a great way to get small bursts of news and information.

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