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    Night Crawler

    5 year old Billy was playing in the yard as his grandfather watched him. He found a night crawler and pulled it out of it's hole. He showed it to grandpa with pride. Grandpa said I'll give you $5 if you can put him back in his hole. Billy tried and tried but the worm kept wiggling and twisting this way and that. Suddenly, he got an idea and ran into the house. He came back out with a can of hair spray. He held the worm up and allowed it to dangle vertically. Then he sprayed it with lots of hair spray. He took the stiff worm and easily put it back in its hole. Grandpa paid him the $5. Next morning Billy was playing in the yard again when grandpa came outside and said Billy, here's $5 for the worm trick. Billy said, "oh gramps, you already paid me for the worm trick yesterday". Granpa replied "I know, this is from your grandma!".
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    Good one!

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    I must be getting old. It took me a few seconds to figure that one out.
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    Backwoods Bob, his wife and young son left the hills and took their first trip to the big city. While wife was shopping in the stores at the mall, Bob and his son became infatuated with the silver doors which people entered and when the door reopened they were gone. As Bob and his son stood in bewilderment, the boy asked: "What is it, Pa?"; "I don't know, son". They watched as a very elderly lady in a wheelchair approached the doors. The doors opened, she rolled in, and the doors closed. Bob and his son watched the lights blink above the door. They watched as the lights went up in number and then came back down. The doors opened and a beautiful nubile young woman walked out. Without taking his eyes off her, Bob said: "Boy, go git your Ma".

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