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Thread: Driving in the rain . .This may save your life

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    Post As for sunglasses

    I too, have known about sunglasses working in the rain, since before I could drive. Another tip for drivers at night, that have to strain or deal with headlights in the eyes. Wearing a pair of orange or yellow lensed sunglasses, will brighten the road, while at the same time reduce headlight glare. Some manufacturers even make specific glasses for increased night visibility. Just wanted to share that tip with everyone too. A couple pairs of sunglasses in the car, can help save your life. Be Safe.
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    Sunglasses work great in rain during the day, but at night I always wear yellow no matter what the road condition. I have posted this website before, and I buy all my glasses from them because they start at 8.95 for single prescription lenses.
    Zenni Optical

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