They Walk Among Us - Actual incident.
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Thread: They Walk Among Us - Actual incident.

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    They Walk Among Us - Actual incident.

    What was he thinking?

    Poilce arrest man with gun at Myrtle Beach International Airport | SCNow

    A Little River man faces weapons charges after Horry County police say he tried to bring a gun through the airport security screening checkpoint on Friday.
    According to a press release, 67-year-old Melvin Winfred Slaughter told officers he had a gun in his pocket, after he set off the alarms on the metal detectors. He was then escorted to a pat-down area, where he notified officers he had the gun in his back pocket.
    Police took the gun, and arrested Slaughter.
    He had a state concealed weapons permit for the gun, but it had expired in January.
    Slaughter was booked into J. Reuben Long Detention Center, and he is now out on bond

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    Is it really hard to find a reason why anti 2As have a problem when schmoes like this are walking around with firearms? Sure does not help the 99.99% of us who are responsible. "The rotten apple always spoils the bunch".

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    Moronic behavior. Stupid is as stupid does.

    This guy is stuck on stupid.
    "When a government robs Peter to pay Paul it will alway's have the support of Paul" George Bernard Shaw

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    Maybe he is just too old.......

    Me thinks that maybe, just maybe, he may have reached that age where cognitive reasoning is shot for him. I know some that are in their 80's and it is just beginning to show up. My father carried a gun into his 80's and never had the problem that this guy did in his 60's. Some will just get there sooner....
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulIcemanMc View Post
    Me thinks that maybe, just maybe, he may have reached that age where cognitive reasoning is shot for him. I know some that are in their 80's and it is just beginning to show up. My father carried a gun into his 80's and never had the problem that this guy did in his 60's. Some will just get there sooner....
    Actually I would be willing to bet that he has carried one most of his life and just did not think about it. IThe part that surprised me is that he used to have a CWP. Most men his age around here who carry a gun do not. All of them should know about airports with all the publicity. At least he did not pull it out and lay in the little tray to be scanned.

  7. I met a guy in Houston in jail who carried his handgun in his briefcase thru the Xray machine at Bush International (oooppps!). He said he always carried it on him and forgot it was in there (or so he said). Kinda felt bad for him. He was the executive type and seemed like a genuine guy, not a thug or anything.

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    And do these people allowed to vote and multiply??? Just asking...I might be wrong...
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    Hey Anthony I Am: Your take on the guy in jail is a reasonable response; then again my take is 180 on the other side. In my book there are No excuses for violating gun laws and I do not feel a bit sorry for him. You have a permit and big responsibility comes with it.

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    (Make sure you read all the way to the end.. Let's see if you are one of the Brighter bulbs in the box!)

    I have a friend and his dad when to Jamaica for a weeks vacation..
    On his return trip back home, as the plane was about to close up for the flight, two officers came on board and walked right up to his dad and said, Mr. X - I need you to exit the plane with us, we need to talk to you about a Magazine.. Mr. X complied, and the whole time he was walking with them, he was thinking about the Popular Mechanics Magazine in his carry on, and why these men wanted to discuss it..
    Turns out, when he removed his Pistol from his the bag that he normally carries when car traveling around the US.. (and checked onto the plane) one of the spare Magazines fell off the bed and back into the bag..

    So, Mr. X - Winds up in Jail, charged with bringing 7 explosive devices onto an aircraft.. Not a minor charge..
    He sits in Jail for about a week.. He had hired a Jamaican Lawyer.. The Lawyer finally shows up the morning of the trial..
    They discuss what happened.. By now, Mr. X is very worried. The Lawyer seems to be very casual about the situation and says not to worry..
    They go before the Jamaican Judge in the early afternoon..
    "Mr. X - You are charged with Bringing 7 explosive devices onto an International flight, how do you plea?"

    The Lawyer took it from their - Explaining that Mr. X is advancing in years, and has a permit in the US to carry a firearm, but he has had a few lapses in memory and gets a little confused at times recently, etc. etc..

    The Judge finds him Guilty - and fines him $9000.00, but no jail time..
    Mr. X is very grateful that there is no Jail time, but where was he going to find $9000.00?? Well it turns out it was $9000 Jamaican, which at the time was between $600 & $900 US Dollars.. Plus the attorney fees of course..

    Later Mr. X found out that the lawyer, after leaving Mr. X the morning of the trial, had gone out to lunch with the judge just prior to the trial starting in the early afternoon.. They had discussed the trial over lunch and the judge already knew what he was going to do, before the trial even started..

    Mr. X was very lucky in this scenario, he could still be sitting in a Jamaican jail, tried as a terrorist instead of a tourist..

    NOW ... How many of you after reading this far are practically Screaming "HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!!!"
    Not over what an ass this guy was for checking a Pistol Magazine
    Not over why this guy got off so easily for a serious crime
    OK.. Who is still with me??? - How did Jamaican security, find a magazine in Mr. X's bag IN JAMAICA????
    This means that Mr. X - Brought this Magazine From the US, and it was never detected... SO, Jamaican Security was more on top of things than the TIA!!! This was a number of years ago.. But still...

    Be careful with your magazines when you travel, Stay away from Popular Science!!!...

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    We are all big boys and girls. Having a firearm is a very big responsibility. Yes we all can do dumb things. Accept your punishment--you deserve it. In my book it you do something dumb you are still responsible. Sometimes things are unfair and there are certainly stupid rulings by people in charge (like a child caught with a fork for lunch and then thrown out of the school because it violates security). I find it reprehensible when these people in Washington, who do not pay their taxes or slide their feet under bathroom stalls, are let off without a whimper and my dumb act costs me big time. Two wrongs still do not make a right. Cannot stand reading about people like Tiger Woods who is now going to "counseling" over his "sickness" and "dumb" mistake--he got caught--pay up and shut up. To a lesser degree than the actual words--"if you do the crime, do the time".These days everyone has an "excuse" and a lawyer to explain it--especially the rich and famous, who seem to get away with everything--does not mean you should also.

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