Hawaii aviation firms want payment for Obama visit
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Thread: Hawaii aviation firms want payment for Obama visit

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    Hawaii aviation firms want payment for Obama visit

    The Associated Press: Hawaii aviation firms want payment for Obama visit

    (AP) 1 day ago

    HONOLULU Owners of several aviation firms in Hawaii say they want the federal government to compensate them for lost business during President Barack Obama's two-week holiday visit to Oahu in December.

    A temporary no-fly zone was in effect over parts of the island while Obama and his family were in a rented Kailua home.

    The zone barred flight operations inside a 10-mile area centered on Kailua. That put a crimp on air tours, flight instruction and other small-airplane operations in the area.

    The Oahu Aviation Initiative, a coalition of 20 firms, said Monday it wants compensation for $200,000 in lost business.

    The firms also want to meet with government officials to prevent a repeat of those losses during future Obama visits.

    Information from: KHON-TV, Home - KHON2.com

    Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

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    When President Clinton and President Bush came to Hawaii, there were "no fly zones" but they were a lot smaller. Funny how the no fly zones expand out to 10 miles when obama comes to visit, especially because he allegedly was born in Hawaii.

    I wish that scumbag did the responsible thing and vacationed at Camp David. He hurt our economy a lot more than he helped. The City & County of Honolulu spent nearly $250,000 in overtime for Honolulu Police officers on the security detail. That money could have been spent in fighting crime.

    Another reason why I have no respect for barack obama.

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    This is a big deal for airports and commercial airlines. I've worked in offices at the Orlando Airport, and now in Atlanta for the past few years. A big part of my job involves planes going on time. When the president comes to town, everything stops. Everything. There can be no takeoffs or landings from the time AF-1 enters the controlled airspace for its destination airport until it has stopped at its tarmac/FBO/destination that is not anywhere near any other part of the airport. It can take up to an hour. The same goes for when he's leaving. This is a huge disruption in traffic, and costs lots of companies LOTS of money. The worst part of it in Atlanta, there is a military base about 30 minutes from the Atlanta Airport with its own airport facility that is more than capable of handling that Jet, and security wouldn't be as much of an issue.

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