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    My last new truck had it's first change at 300 miles and every 5k after that.

    Here's something wierd - my parents bought a new Honda Accord in 2005. Per the dealer, if they changed the oil BEFORE the first 5000 miles they would void the warranty on the engine. Something about a different oil used for break in (wasn't there so I'm getting this second-hand from my dad). I thought the car companies had stopped that but I guess not. Not sure how they'd know either if it didn't fail in the first 5K.

    After 5000 miles they could change it as often as they wanted.

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    A good way to keep engine oil deposits from building up. Every 3rd oil change substitute 1/2 to a full qt with Dexron ATF. I did it for years in my trucks with conventional oils. ATF has great detergents and will flush clean an engine very well. Swap it out at 3000 miles and it's all good. I knew a guy who would add it to the fuel tank on his diesel truck to keep the injectors and pump clean. He had 180 something thousand miles with no issues.

    Look into BG products MOA. Get it from a dealer and add it at each oil change and there will be no need for flushing and the like... Best oil additive hands down..

    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

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