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    While we're on the topic of History, this is a piece I wrote a few months ago about the need for protection, and why the Second Amendment is so important now more than ever.
    It is not about owning guns, as much as it is about having the choice to own one if you want. The powers that be assume that we will go quietly into the night, and give up your rights to own a gun for hunting, sport shooting, and most of all self preservation. In WWII the Jew's had their guns removed preventing them from protecting themselves. This led to taking away their ability to fight back at their aggressors, and eventually leaving them without voice to protest the atrocities that were to come. The soldiers took up quarters in their homes and kicked them out into the street. If they resisted they were shot on site. They were Tattooed like cattle, forced to wear a Star of David so they could be readily recognized for hate crimes and taken to concentration camps for labor, and later extermination. In our world today no one could fathom this happening in a civilized society, but if any of our rights are tampered with the whole ball of yarn starts to come unwound. I ask people who speak out against the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, what would you do if it was the First Amendment that was under attack? No more speaking about the topics of today, no more disagreements with the Government, but mostly no way of expression of anything. If the E.U. get's their way, our Constitution as we know it will become null and void, and it is in the works even as I wright this piece. If no one is armed you will become a statistic just like the Jew's did. So the next time you hear someone saying Guns are bad, think about how 6,000,000 armed Jews may be alive today to enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear. Remember it is not the gun that kills, it is the one pulling the trigger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    hey ringo: don't forget the many new shotguns that were purchased by the IRS. I wonder why that was necessary and against whom are they to be used. Sure sounds like 1930 germany when hitler's faithful first got their brownshirts and then got the guns to go with the shirts as they stripped guns from the population. As I said in my last reply, just study history, and the rise of nazism in germany and tell me it is not eerily similar.
    It's more than eerily similar, it's right in lock step. And I have no doubts that we'll be heading down the same road in the near future. THE DUKE OF ESSEX is right on target too when he says, "in our world today no-one could fathom this happening in a civilized society", as happened to the Jews. What people forget is that Germany in the 30's was a civilized society. Regardless of all of the technological advances we are blessed with, or which century we live in, the one thing that never changes is the nature of man.
    ~ God Hates Religion ~
    But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.

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    Amen Ringo, amen. Appreciate your comments and you can sit at my table anytime. I can only hope we are both very wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwtollett21 View Post
    this is crazy talk guys. Are you hearing your self talking about greasing your guns and killing people. This is crazy. Totally ridiculous and out of control.
    JW, if you leave grease in your barrel, it could cause a KB. I prefer a light touch of oil unless I am putting a firearm into long term storage. Anyway,,
    JW, if you think the comments are way out there, wait till they start slinging bible verses at ya. Most of the people who frequent USA Carry, are normal folks. There is a small element in here that is strung out to the point of paranoia. You will not change their viewpoints JW. Perhaps, prod them every now and then, to see what stupid, ignorant, misinformed, xenophobic, homophobic, insensitive nonsense spills from their keyboards. They are a great source of entertainment, and have caused many moments of laughter here.
    Some of them remind me of this homicidal zero;

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