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Thread: Counterfeit $100 bills in Circulation

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    I think Obama is on the new 3 dollar bill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by utimmer43 View Post
    Keep in mind that the memo was sent to banks. I don't think the bank is going to wonder what happens to the bill when the FBI or SS takes it.
    Why do/did you cut my paragraph in two parts? I was talking about you/me getting a $100 bill. The gov website tells you/me to call SS or FBI and they will come and get it from you/me.

    Please re-read the whole paragraph. See those "you's" in there? Wasn't worried about what a bank and the FBI or SS told each other. But between us/you/me and the FBI or SS when they took it from "us".

    My question was, WHY are they not dispersing that info to us, the public? We ARE the ones who get the bills first.

    Just seems strange.

    Why don't they want us, the public to know how to tell if the bill is fake?... since it is the person like you or I who will lose the $100 when WE try to spend it (IF the place we are trying to spend it catches the fact it is fake) or put it in the bank.

    And WE could go to jail for trying to pass counterfeit money. There must be an answer to why they don't post it in the public view. What that answer is, I don't know. Does anyone reading this thread?

    I'm just curious what they are hiding from us.


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    I'm sure there is counterfeiting going on all the time, and this is just one bulletin of many (I don't know, but I would presume)... I think if they let us know all of the counterfeits it would become so overwhelming that we would just top paying attention, or loose faith in the real stuff.. (Since the Faith of the value is all there really is anyways).

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6shootercarry View Post
    Send me some. I'll pay my taxes and health care costs with it...

    now there's an idea....
    You can have my freedom as soon as I'm done with it!!!

  6. With obongo in office I'll never see another $100 bill!

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    Red face wish

    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    They will go well with the counterfeit president the sheeple voted into office.
    i wish i could beat that quote but not a chance . could we maybe get his picture on them?
    molon labe

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