New Jersey Township On Thin 4th Amendment Ice
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Thread: New Jersey Township On Thin 4th Amendment Ice

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    New Jersey Township On Thin 4th Amendment Ice

    Wow, here's a story right out of 1939 Berlin, but happening today under the guise of "Senior Safety".

    "What if we had to respond to the house where the keyholder couldn't respond because they were snowed-in? What would we do?" Chief Novick said.
    WOW - Seriously? You kick in the door, just like you've always done. And why are the police doing this and not EMS ? You people trust the police way too much.

    NJ Police Department Starts Senior Safety Program -

    I think every state should secede from Washington, DC, then we'll have them surrounded.

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    If there is an Officer knocking on your door, what difference does it matter whether or not you are snowed in?

    Having a key in a lock box does nothing to change the depth of the snow in your driveway or in the street. All it does is allow them entry into your home without having to break a door or window, it does nothing to make it easier for them to reach the house.

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    I can imagine this happening:

    91-year old grandma is having a great time broadcasting live granny porn while dancing naked in front of her web cam.

    She doesn't hear her phone ringing when the kids call because of all the shouting by participating watchers coming out of the attached 5.1 surround sound speakers.

    Her kids, worried that she has fallen and can't get up, call the police. Granny doesn't hear the knock on the door.

    The police use the key to enter the premises just as granny is sliding upside down completely naked on the pole she installed in the computer room.

    This should be a MasterCard commercial - priceless

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