WE now have learned the location of HELL!
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Thread: WE now have learned the location of HELL!

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    WE now have learned the location of HELL!

    For decades pundits
    > have been
    > saying that the New Orleans Saints were so bad
    > at playing football
    > that Hell would freeze over if the Saints ever
    > won The Super Bowl.
    > On Sunday, February 7,
    > 2010
    > the Saints won the Super Bowl.
    > On that same
    > Sunday,
    > Washington D.C. was paralyzed under several
    > feet of snow and the
    > Government was shut
    > down.
    > Question: Do we
    > now have
    > indisputable proof of the existence and
    > location of
    > Hell?
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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    Semper Fi

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    As water reflects a face,so a mans heart reflects the man.Proverbs 27:19

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    Was there ever any doubt?
    Conservative Wife & Mom -- I'm a Conservative Christian-American with dual citizenship...the Kingdom of God is my 1st home and the U.S.A. is my 2nd.

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