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    I never knew my father because he left when I was very young. My Grandfather (on my Mom's side) taught me much though. He was the one who showed me how to shoot. He also taught me a very important point concerning discussions. This being if you lose your temper during a discussion (argument) you've already lost. He also taught me to understand that just because you disagree with someone it doesn't make them an idiot and this goes the other way around. I miss him to this day.

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    1st... welcome Rhumbline from Tampa Bay, Floriduh...

    I was born late in my parents life. They were in their early 40's.. There is a vast difference in the view of my dad between me and my older sisters.. He mellowed some with age..

    He was raised on a farm in NC during the depression with a drunk for a father. He basically ran the farm from the time he was 12.
    He Joined the Army and after his time got out.. Then came WWII, he joined the Nave and was a gunner on Liberty Ships (deemed the 2nd most dangerous job).. He told very little of his experience in WWII.. When the Air Force was created he switched over. He spent time during Korea and the beginning parts of Vietnam. He retired with 24 years as a Chief Master Sgt, pretty good for a country boy..
    (His brother, who I am named after, was in the Marines during WWII and was badly injured in the Battle of Saipan. I was in the Coast Guard Reserves, so between the three of us we covered all the services)

    I learned how to work on my own cars from him, we shot a couple of times, he got me into motorcycling (one of the things I enjoy the most these days), he did woodworking and let me help..
    He died about 10 years ago after having as bad a heart attack as you can have and survive 10 years earlier...
    I received a couple of guns the most expensive way you can get them from his death.. They mean a lot to me regardless of their real value..
    I wish I had been born earlier in his life as we are the most alike out of all the kids.. I would have enjoyed hunting with him..

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    I lost my dad 40yrs ago.

    But, I was fortunate that my mother married a drug addicted pedophile a year later. (sarcasm) She finally divorced him after several years of him teaching my sister and me a few things we didn't need to be taught.

    Then she married a wife beater and child abuser who loved to play russian roulet with mine and my mothers head. He would also sneak in my room at night with a loaded gun or knife and argue with himself about how he could teach my mom a lesson; IF he killed me.

    She finally got around to marrying a very insecure, yet decent man when I was about 17. BUT by then, I was to old to really care or trust another father figure. He died a couple of years ago and I regret I did not allow him to become more involved in my life.

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