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    Ektarr and I shared a couple posts about our dads today. He's still arguing politics with his while mine has been gone for a few years and I miss him badly. So, I thought, for something different, and if anyone else wants to play, I thought we might share something our Pops taught us. Doesn't have to be lengthy. I'll start.

    As a kid, my Dad taught me to look people in the eye and shake hands firmly. And he ingrained a "work ethic" in me; oh boy, did he teach me how to work! Here's to ya, Pop! I'm still working!
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    I was getting ready to add a post to the same thread about my dad and clicked check for new posts instead. JJ, you are brilliant sometimes...
    Dad kept pretty quiet about politics and religion. Hard work, honestly and your word were the most important thangs. I knew that he was a WWII vet and he kept that to himself. TOTALLY.. It wasn't until I was between tours from Nam that Dad hauled out the Ol'Grand Dad and opened up just at little. Dad left us when he was 58, young... That was back in 1980. I am sure that he would have had a few choice thangs to say about September 11. I also know he was fit to be tied during the '67 Detroit riots. I am pretty sure he would be, shall we say, disappointed in the out come of the 08 Election.
    The SAd thing is our daughters never got to know their grandfather... I can make up for that with my grand sons...
    Semper Fi

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    JJ, I concur with Ric's assessment of your brilliance. I look forward to this being a very well-attended thread very soon!

    I, also, learned about the handshake and eye-contact thing from Dad. Additionally, he taught me that you can be as strong as an ox on the outside, but REAL real Beauty...comes from within.

    Dad's a great guy, and a great Man, and I wish the stars had conspired to offer him more opportunities in his life. I know I wish Mom had been able to stay with us longer...I know he misses her still, after 9 years. I'm looking forward to building and relocating to South Carolina so he can join us there and we can spend the rest of what we have together, together.

    One day I'd like to meet you, too, JJ.
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    Dads are cool, hey? I mean they have their warts (don't we all), but I found it to be a deep and profound relationship. We fought hard at times, too, back in the day. I remember we went thru a long period of not speaking (and I mean long) and I was laying on my back under a car, attempting to fix something, and of a sudden, there's this extra pair of hands, no words, that stayed with me thru the whole project. Now that I've been a dad for almost 30 years, I more fully understand and appreciate where he was. I was his son. We had great times, too. Because I only saw him a few times a year during my mid-life, I began to hug him and even kiss him on the cheek or on the head when I said hello or see ya later. Man, am I glad I did that. I was with my Dad when he took his last breath...

    Now, I have sons and now I know...

    Sorry to wax so maudlin. Never have written publicly about my Pops. Different.

    Ektarr, Ricbac and I will have the great pleasure of meeting in a few weeks; as well we plan to meet others on this site at the 2A rally. Sweet if you could make it...

    If not, I got friends in S. Carolina, so ya never know.
    Prov. 27:3 - "Stone is heavy and sand a burden, but provocation by a fool is heavier than both"

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    My dad and mom divorced when I was three. However he stayed a part of my life until his death. He worked construction and sometimes the job would take him out of town but I don't think there was ever more than a couple of weeks at a time that he was gone. He would always come back when he could and worked as close to home as possible so that he could spend time with me. The one constant I had, broken home not withstanding, was the love of both my parents. After I married and had a son he was just about the most proud grandparent ever. I wish my son could have spent more time with him as my father died in 1972 when my son was only 17 months old.
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    Work hard
    Pay your own way.
    Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.
    Walk softly and carry a big stick.
    Never let them see you sweat.

    Dad was a WW2 decorated Combat veteran.
    Army Airborne Ranger
    A very tough dude.
    A very fair man
    The best of Dads

    The gun I carry most often was Dad's. He used it to shoot a punk that was trying to break into his home one night.

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    Funny thing, I was thinking about my dad today after listening to the story about the little girl that committed suicide because of bullying.
    I was about 11 and was with my dad. Something happened with another driver and the next thing I knew my 5'5" old man is nose to nose with some big scruffy looking guy.
    I it was the first time I heard my dad use the F word and then all of a sudden. Whak the big guy is down.
    My dad boxed in the ARMY and knew how to throw a punch.

    He gets in the car and we leave pretty calmly. He looks at me and says, Never be afraid of a bully as they are mostly cowards.

    Little did he know that there was a couple of "bullies" in my neighbor hood always harassing me and my friends.
    A few days latter we run into the "bullies" They get up in our faces and one of them grabbed my hat.
    As I reach for the hat he sucker punches me, and it is on.
    I tackled him and ended up pinning him to the ground. Him and his buddies never bothered me again.

    Of course in todays world we are told violence is not an option. BULL
    Sometimes a punch in the nose is required to maintain civility. Thanks Dad.

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    My Dad taught me plenty. Some good and some bad.

    From my Dad I learned the value of a Buck knife and the usefuleness of a Zippo.

    I learned that I didn't get beat for what I did, I got beat for getting caught.

    I learned that my family started in our own home and noone else mattered. We all had each other and that was what we could count on.

    I learned to do as he said and not as he did.

    I learned that when I was older I'd understand why. ( I understand now )

    I won't say he was the best Dad ever but he tries, he was a kid raising a kid. He made mistakes. But I've always known he was there to kick me in the ass and set me straight when I was doing something stupid. As we get older Dad is something different to me than he was before. He's more of a friend.

    Too bad he's not in the best of health anymore and I didn't get to learn that lesson sooner when there was more time, but I do my best to make up for it.

  10. My Dad died a year ago Jan. but he taught me a lot, and what matters the most is God, Country, and Family everything after that is just part of life. I miss him he was a very strong, caring, fair, and loving person. I hope I did as good a job with my kids as he did.
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  11. JJ, You are responsible for me becoming a member this evening. Had I known there was a sponsor program I would have given you the credit. I probably won't post often but I had been looking for the old site and happened across this place and your post. I lost Dad the day after Christmas this year. It's been tough but thinking about his strength and faith and has helped with my own. I could tell ya'll lots of stories about him and things he taught me over nearly 50 years, but I think I'll just say He was a big man to be so darned short. I wish there was someone like him out there with his values to vote for.

    Thanks JJ :)


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