Top ten indicators that your employer has changed to obamacare
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Thread: Top ten indicators that your employer has changed to obamacare

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    Top ten indicators that your employer has changed to obamacare

    (10) Your annual breast exam is done at Hooters.

    (9) Directions to your doctor's office include "Take a left when you
    enter the trailer park."

    (8) The tongue depressors taste faintly of Fudgesicles.

    (7) The only proctologist in the plan is "Gus" from Roto-Rooter.

    (6) The only item listed under Preventive Care Coverage is "an apple a

    (5) Your primary care physician is wearing the pants you gave to
    Goodwill last month.

    (4) "The patient is responsible for 200% of out-of-network charges," is
    not a typographical error.

    (3) The only expense covered 100% is "embalming."

    (2) Your Prozac comes in different colors with little M's on them.


    (1) You ask for Viagra and they give you a Popsicle stick and Duct Tape.
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    Aaah if only Congress and Obama were going to be forced into Obamacare too.
    Heavily medicated for your protection.

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