Dirty Harry, "Make my day!"
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Thread: Dirty Harry, "Make my day!"

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    Dirty Harry, "Make my day!"

    O.K. I was watching Dirty Harry on the idiot box and when he says "Did I fire six or did I fire five?" I decided to rewind the DVR and count. One and two were at the robbers coming out of the bank and three and four were at the car as it bore down on him. Four shots fired. Now did I miss the other two or what? Years ago I thought he had one left in the cylinder but by what I saw and counted he should have had two...
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    Two is always better than one isn't it. :D

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    But would a .44 magnum really blow somebody's head clean off?
    It sounds like one for mythbusters.
    (Mmmmm...Kari...you know,that is a great show,but I really wwatch it just to see her)
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    Well whichever it beats the old Gene Autry, Roy Rogers movies where they could fire 50-100 rounds from a "six" shooter without reloading. :D

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    Some of the Dirty Harry movies were pretty funny. You know, silencers on 357 mag. revlovers. Police carrying the speed loaders on the opposite side of their weapons like they were magazines and calling magazines "clips". All in all they were fun to watch though.
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    He was the man after Steve McQueen died.He is a lib.

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    Wait,who's a lib,Clint Eastwood,or "Dirty" Harry Calahan?
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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    Don't know Eastwood's political affiliation but...

    Dirty Harry has been known to be a very good basic math teacher. :p

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    I love that poster!
    Give everybody guns.
    Natural selection will cull out the idiots.

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    i always loved dirty harry. i always thought that was what they meant by gun control. if anyone had gun control, harry had it.
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