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  1. Quote Originally Posted by father-of-three View Post
    I'm a believer in "seed planting," and "Preaching what you practice," as far as talking to people about ideas and questions about Christianity, but this subject is as divided as abortion and second amendment rights. Don't forget the big three issues that can make or break a marriage: money, sex, and religion!
    I guess in closing I will say it is impotant to know why you believe, or why you don't believe, though people can divide over that too, I guess!
    Dear Farther of three, we are divided by the natural and the spiritual already. However, did you ever wonder why Jesus spent so much time debating the Pharisees in public? I believe it is because there are so many people sitting on the sidelines undecided on a lot of these issues and hearing publicly the truth of the gospel has power. The forums here at USA Carry are public and those that wish to discuss these issues are actually relatively few, pro or con, yet if you look at any thread, many more come and just view the discussion without joining in or taking sides publicly. I believe that the internet is a forum that can be used to spread the gospel effectively even when debating those that disagree with us. If the Lord Jesus debated publicly, that is a good example for us to follow and be ready to give an answer to any one that asks us of our faith that resides within us. As you pointed out, it must be done with a meek heart understanding that each of us had our own journey in sin as well before someone prayed for us or witnessed to us. I see no reason not to engage.

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    TV men of God

    To my well meaning internet christian friends,

    The last few days, I have spent a few hours watching the TV preachers. They are using the same bible, and talking about the same God, and Jesus you nice people are.

    These TV men of God are telling me, what they say is true. They can justify it with "his word". You are telling me what you say is true. Because it is "his word".

    The TV men are using the same bible quotes that can be used to justify anything they want it to. Just like you kind, well christian folks.

    Both the TV men, and you are trying to sell me on the idea that the bible is like a tool and spare parts box all in one. What ever you need, it is in there. Instructions are included.

    The TV men of God use accessories like Miracle spring water from Russia, red blood of Jesus prayer-kchiefs, green prayer cloths. Miracle get out of debt tools. Special manna. The list is quite large.

    These TV men tell me, if I believe in God, and Jesus, do what they say, all my bills will be paid. I will even get checks in the mail.

    The TV men of God cure cancer, bladder infections, old broken down bodies right there on TV. I seen them put their hands on folks, and they heal the sick.

    Many of them even talk in "tongues" Just like in that bible.

    The Prosperity Gospel will give me financial success for life.

    Many of the TV men are selling God supplies. Benny has a good sized line of God accessories.

    Another has several people who are selling the "power of prophecy.

    Many of these TV men of God, have titles, like apostle, Bishop, master prophet. Titles right out of the bible.

    I have read that many people accuse these TV men of God of being cheats, and crooks.

    Who is to say who is wrong, and who is right. The TV men are using the same book you are. They sling the same quotes at their audience as you do.

    The TV men have a fancy TV studio, and a large staff. They make millions a year, and travel the country in private jets.

    You well meaning folk are just another group of rubes on a internet chat board.

    Remember, same book, same God, same Jesus are used by both groups.

    I have a hard time beleving any of this. It all seems so made up, and phony.

    Tell me who I should belive, and who not.

    Explain this to me like I am six years old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon View Post
    read the bible and prove any part of it wrong...
    1 Kings 7:23
    People don't like to be meddled with. We tell them what to do, what to think, don't run, don't walk. We're in their homes and in their heads and we haven't the right. We're meddlesome.--River Tam

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    Quote Originally Posted by NDS View Post
    1 Kings 7:23
    And your point would be?
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK4U View Post
    And your point would be?
    The bible is giving an incorrect vale of PI. All of us edumacated people know that math never lies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    To my well meaning internet christian friends,

    The last few days, I have spent a few hours watching the TV preachers. They are using the same bible, and talking about the same God, and Jesus you nice people are.
    I'm with you IceMan, and watching most TV people is a BAD place to start.. Most of them do NOT teach the truth, and as you say, twist it anyway they wish, for their own gain..
    There are a few good ones, but they are WAY out numbered by the bad examples..

    There are bad cops out there, but that doesn't make ALL cops bad, or the idea of "law and order" bad or wrong... Nor does it make "the Laws" they are enforcing any less just... (this is not a pure analogy as there are bad laws)

    Like I alluded to in my original post, Most Christians Piss me off!!! ESPECIALLY the TV one's!!!
    However, that does not make the source any more untrue, just people twisting things to their own use..

    John Macarthur is a good teacher as well as Charles Stanley , there are some others, but these are a good place to start.

    Gulf Coast, Floriduh
    Sccy is the limit

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    Televangelists are the Pro Wrestlers of religion.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by theicemanmpls View Post
    The bible is giving an incorrect vale of PI. All of us edumacated people know that math never lies.
    Wrong again, when you factor in the breadth or width of the dimension which is given, you do get PI. Wrong again folks. GO look. The passage does indeed gives the width of the vessel in vs 26. You forgot to factor that into the equation.

    "The Bible Says pi = 3"

    If that is going to keep you from Heaven, quite a poor so called difficulty. You will be kicking yourself for all eternity on that math error on your part if you believe that the Bible is not accurate. I can see it now, handbreadth, handbreadth!!! WHY didn't I read vs 26!!! Not a good way to go into eternity folks thinking God is in error when instead it is you!!!!! All eternity going over how math never lies, just men who are willingly ignorant. You can easily find salvation in the Bible if you look, if you don't want to look, God will NOT force you. Have your own way folks, but thinking back on your math error for all eternity will truly be a torment. Our soul is eternal made in the image of God, you will spend somewhere forever. Where will it be? The choice is yours.

    Further, Iceman, why not go to the Bible instead of going to people we all know are frauds making merchandise off the people of God as TV evangelists. I agree, they are a bunch of lunatics, so what has that to do with the word of God except to confirm its warnings against the people you are talking about?

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    Alaska, This should explain kings 7 23
    The explaination is simple. It is not about blind faith but rather limited technology.
    I really don't sweat the math. I balance my check book everymonth.
    I have a computer for the hard stuff.
    The Number Pi in the Bible.

    Regarding the TV men of God, they say they are right. There are real people "wittnessing" on their TV shows. Who is to say they are wrong, and you are right?
    How does God warn us about the TV men of God?
    Who is to say who is a good man of God or a bad one? Sounds way judgemental to me.

    An example of a true man of God is the Rev Danny. (according to danny)
    God laid it on Dannys heart to create an special blend of blood Red anointing oil, made with biblical ingredients of old.
    Some have asked, "Why would Danny invest thousands doing this?" Folks, hopefully by now you have the understanding that we want to see you and your loved ones abundantly blessed in every area of life! In fact, this was the Lords desire and commission - go into all the world and preach the good news! Jesus wants no one has to perish, the poor fed, the sick healed, devils cast out - you name it, He wants you every bit whole! This should be the desire of every Christian - it's definitely ours!!

    Check out the Rev Danny.::: PASTOR DANNY DAVIS MINISTRIES :::

    The Rev Danny says he is real, he has the true word of God.
    Danny is offering "no a evil oil "that has been prayed over for seventeen days.
    You get instructions. You can break witchcraft spells, and escape the circle of poverty.
    All one has to do is call or visit the site.

    Now Alaska, you call Rev Danny a lunatic. He claims to be a man of God. There are thousands of people who say the Rev Danny is real. The belive in him so much, they send Danny money.
    Again, who are you to say they are wrong. It is their faith. Judge not, right?
    This morning the Rev Danny cured a little boy of cancer of the eye. It was touching.
    So, how can you be so right, and Danny so wrong? Have you healed any cancer today? Anyone sent you money for spreading the word?
    There are people who can't leave their homes for many reasons. They want faith. They want to belive. They want to be healed. They do it with the technology of TV.

    Alaska you have your faith, and it is good to you. It makes you feel right. That is important. It makes you at peace with yourself, and others. I am happy for you.

    I can assure you, that I will be fine without relgion. When I am ready to drink the cool-aid, I have the REV Danny's web address. Really, thank you for caring.

    Alaska, we are just a couple of smucks in a web site about packing firearms. I am here to learn more. If I want to learn about God, relgion, or baseball statistics, I google it. Please don't be offended if I ask why you are here.

    One more question for you.
    Can you explain the Jehovah's Wittness?
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    There will always e those that try to find some mistake in the Bible, grasping at straws to prove their point. As far as the prosperity preachers I am not fond of most of them either but I do not toss the baby out with the bath.
    By faith Noah,being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear,prepared an ark to the saving of his house;by the which he condemned the world,and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith Heb.11:7

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