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    Fallen Officer

    Detroit officer dead, 5 injured after shooting.
    1 Detroit officer dead, 5 injured after shooting | freep.com | Detroit Free Press

    Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans today called veteran Officer Brian Huff, who was killed in a shootout early today, “a gentle giant” and added that the suspect should have been in jail for prior offenses.
    Fallen officer was fun-loving, devout | freep.com | Detroit Free Press

    First our prayer for the family of the Fallen Officer,
    The media has been pointing the finger at the Michigan Depart of Corrections and looking for answers on why this BG was freed. This sure makes an argument for capital punishment.
    Semper Fi

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    How often it is when something like this happens that it turns out the BG had a lengthy record and should have been behind bars. The judicial system in many cases leaves a lot to be desired. Prayers for the family.
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    Prison's produce monsters. They don't work.
    Look at what these two did with a ring of fire POS.
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    Society going to hell in a hand basket because of socialist mentalities going back at least 50 years. Our police officers face ever greater dangers as our society steadily degrades.
    God Bless the police officers and their families for supporting them.

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    Our Prayers go out to the family...

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