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    25 most common arguments against gay marriage and their classification as to whether they are: Incorrect, Subjective, Discriminatory, Fallacious, a Nonargument, and/or a Double Standard.

    They deconstruct the bigots' arguments far better than I ever could.

    Unbecoming Levity :: Arguments Against Gay Marriage
    When they "Nudge. Shove. Shoot.",
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    I like how the 1st response to #25 starts out... "This argument is completely illogical..."

    Kinda like:
    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony_I_Am View Post
    Sorry if it's over your head. Lemme guess....You're a dude named Wendy?
    And the whole "inherently fallacious" concept repeated throughout. Reminds me of my first weeks on this site attacking the Bohemian and other political fudsters, clearly detailing the trappings of their well-known fallacies.

    (sigh) It's a never ending struggle....

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